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We Wish You… A Luminous Year!

… as seen on Twitter, Facebook and Beyond!
the lithesome, the luggerly, 
the legitimate, 
the lampooned, the lethargic, 
the leptorrhinian, 
the loons, the locos, the leal, 
the leaders, the led, the led-on; 
to all the leprechauns, 
the leeches, the lupine, 
the literati, the lordly, 
the longanimous, 
the lordless, the litigious, 
the licentious, 
the liberal, the libidinous, 
the liquifiable, 
the liquescent, the liquified, 
the lincolnesque, 
the lovely, the lovelorn, 
the lionhearted,   
the lucky, the let-down, 
the limpid,  
the loggerheaded, 
the lordotic, the lonesome, 
and even the lucifugal, 
the loathsome, the livid, 
and the lecherous – 
the lascivious… the lubricious! 
to the laboring, 
the lacklustre, the lazy, 
the lovable, the louche, 
the loquacious, 
the lucullan, the lumbering, 
the lowbrowed, 
the laconic, 
the lugubrious, the ludicrous, 
the languid, 
the lackadaisical, the lunatic, 
the laudable, 
the lawless, the laughable, 
the larghissimo, 
the lawful, the laputan, 
the laureate, 
the lentiginose, the lamblike, 
the leonardesque, 
the leery, the lenient,  
the little, the long, the light, 
the lissome, the lumbering, 
the lyrical, 
the luckless, the loveless,  
the longsighted, 
the lowset, the loyal, the loud, 
the lamentable, the lilliputian, 
the luxuriant, 
the lachrymose, 
the lusterless, the luculent! 
to the loving, 
the light-hearted, 
the luminous! 


(as originally really seen on *luminous writings*)






and BOSTON helped!

FYI: National Aboriginal Day is actually June 22nd 
(soon to be renamed by Justin: ”National Indigenous” appears to be more… genuine.)
But the 25th Anniversary Conference will be held on November 12th 
through November 14th – inclusively!
Oskar would have been 117 in 2017…
31st Anniversary of a certain trade that keeps on giving…
Canada’s 150th…
(they were not officially a nation, before that –
they still are a colony of sorts;
just ask the ”Queen of Canada”…)


Montréal’s 375th –
founded in 1642 by three kind souls
(two women, one guy:
Jeanne Mance, Marguerite Bourgeoys
and Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve)
Alas, over time, their creation has become
infested and grimy, like most urban settings
tend to become, granted…
One could be tempted to celebrate this
by misusing your big pots, as they did before
most recently in fact…
Or rioting – they do it when they prevail
unfairly and undeservingly, in sports –
they’ve had zero chances to do so lately…
Or… you may actually celebrate this
by dropping by one of the few
worthy, redeeming places
on the whole island:
Meanwhile, down south…
16 years of ”WAR ON TERROR”
Star Wars: 1977-2017
40 Years Already…
”Atheists… Atheists everywhere…!”
”Like I said, Luke: scum and villainy!”
”Pardon, Ben… I thought you said… vi-llia-ny?”
”Did I? It was the atheist unbalance in the Force here
that made me sputter off such idiotic non-words!”
”The Force is weak with the atheist… aye?”
 Maybe it is time for some… 
100 years ago… 
11 years ago…
… and, as seen on  ”l.p. – luminous pondering”…

Newsweek may have a drastically different list

on the same subject here – but they’re missing out

on three of the most crucial ones,

found right here

and only here

on TLB Prime.


Sempre Por O Melhor
Fair Use Act:
yes it is!


But will the meting out of said ”JUSTICE” truly be up to par?  Both in real life as on various mediums, most notably digital and cinematic…! Can the justice be up to snuff when all parties involved appear to have emerged like… bats… straight out of hell?


It is interesting to see that so much restructuring has taken place already within the burgeoning ”DCEU” – the only cinematic universe to rival Disney’s Marvel-ous product at this point. With four ”official” entries thus far (Man of Steel, Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad – because all that came before does not count, somehow: Green Lantern, the Dark Knight trilogy, that awful Catwoman, Steel, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Losers, Road To Perdition, V For Vendetta, Watchmen and, if we go back far enough, Swamp Thing, the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve that spawned the genre and all the other Batty stuff rehashed over the years…! But… let’s not go there!) DC hopes to firmly establish the rest of their universe with the fifth one: JUSTICE LEAGUE! And I, for one, hope that they do just that!


In its infinite (crisis?) wisdom rather difficult to decipher, DC has decided to separate TV fare from that ”DCEU” that they speak of – the DC Extended Universe, an extension itself of the vastness of their Multiverse that they brought back, after years of denial following their classic use of the key word ”CRISIS” way back in 1985: ”Crisis On Infinite Earths”. That worlds-shattering event was meant to do away completely with any notion of a ”multiverse” and shore in all the various sources into one cohesive universe.  Gone were the various versions of Earth: S, X and many oddball ones. There could be only ONE planet Earth – for a while. That, quite obviously, wasn’t meant to last as they attempted, time and again, to offset this via various Deus Ex Machina bits, one being called ”hypertime” which was basically an excuse to explore all sorts of alternate realities. Now, with the lid blown completely off this creative hampering (thanks to bubbly creative wiz Geoff Johns) anything and everything is possible – in the source material (DC stands for, more and more over time, almost strictly ”digital comics” but, to be honest, they still do waste paper by printing them also) as well as the representations (exploitations) on the small and big screens. So we have two Supermen, one for each screen or medium, if you prefer. Ditto, and far more interestingly, for The Flash. Eventually, it will be true for all of their characters – absolutely all of them. And that is a good thing: because, perhaps then, we can get the classic, true blue Aquaman on TV at least, for example – while the barbarian Atlantean of the seas wreaks havoc on the big DCEU screen…

Alongside his Mera – and the “warrior mermaid” queen mother portrayed by Nicole Kidman herself! (What a casting coup – but that is another story… for later, in 2018!)


The results get to be, therefore… diversified, to say the least! On television (read: on the CW network) we have a Supergirl finally flanked by a mellower version of her Superman-of-a-cousin… We have The (better) Flash… We have an exclusivity, so far: Arrow…  And Gotham – with lesbians! We have DC’s ”Legends of Tomorrow” – that, so far, do not represent a threat to the Justice League’s status of ”number one DC team” – somehow. They are, in truth, viewed as the B-team of said group, with the likes of Firestorm, Atom and Vixen in their ranks. Plus a very sapphic White Canary (one wonders why the whiteness, then…? And why, also, is this LC -lesbian chic- such a recurring trend at DC all of a sudden; they are also present on Supergirl’s show) along with execrable team members such as Captain Cold and Heatwave – members that simply do not belong there at all!  Poor Rip Hunter – he had it even worse than Rick Flag had it with his rag-tag Suicide Squad! Killer Croc… Boomerang… Diablo? Granted he did have Harley Quinn, embodied by Margot Robbie; a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that reeks of LC too… But let’s not go THERE…!


Big name thespians get to play these fan favorite characters, invariably. But this is strictly reserved for theaters, where it is scheduled to be all the ”top names” character-wise as well – but all in due time! Will Smith was recruited to flesh out Deadshot on the ebony side; however, Dwayne Johnson’s turn to appear in the DCEU is still years away…

It makes one wonder who else could be recruited NEXT…? Let us try to imagine, only for a second here… Britney Spears as Black Canary for the DCEU? Leonardo DiCaprio as classic Firestorm? Or The Joker in his early years, as it has been rumored…? Sheldon from Big Bang Theory as the Riddler? The blondie from that show – Kaley – as the DCEU Supergirl, too?  Olivia Wilde as Batgirl? Matt Damon as… a pedestrian casual-ty! Dr. Phil as Krona? Charlize Theron as Harbinger! What a damaging blow it would do to Marvel and their Brie broad as their Captain! LOL Will Ferrell as the Monitor? Or is he better suited to be the Pariah… hmm? Yes – I think so too! But let’s not go there either just now…


2017 will rather be the year of Wonder Woman and the Justice League; Gal Gadot will feature in both and it is clear they count on her to reel in the fanboys. (There was, also, that oddly-erotic foray into the genesis of the Amazon’s character with “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” biopic – but let’s not go there!) 2018 will see Aquaman and Batman – they’ll have Amber Heard (as Mera – seen above, second pic from the top!) and surely a bevy of other beauteous ladies for support, in both cases. Somewhere in-between, there should be Gotham City Sirens, just to try and cash in on Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn obsession and appeal, both… But that is another story, again!


Of all of these, JUSTICE LEAGUE has got to be the one to turn the tide, critically-speaking. Wonder Woman started the turning; she’s in this one, as a team leader-figure no less, hence, logically, the turning resumes! So far, all the DCEU films have been bashed for various reasons, ranging from disappointing handling of the characters to outright bad storytelling, pinned primarily on director Zach Snyder’s head. And yet, and yet – Zach Snyder did a bang up job with all that he has ever done in this sub-genre (including his WATCHMEN of course but also his 300 and dare I throw in his Dawn of the Dead?)  and the fans truly have NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT – AT ALL! Still, DC has listened and he will be out of the picture after this JL film; alas. He has only this one shot to redeem himself, therefore: a film packing it all, featuring Momoa’s kickass Aquaman, Gal Gadot’s Amazon, Ben Affleck’s Batman but also a weaker Flash and a non-factor such as Cyborg (sorry, Cy!)  On the villainy’s side, the demonized Steppenwolf reeks of a lot of things – and it may be overkill. He threatens to overshadow his master, Darkseid – seriously! Darky poorly embodies evil, if you ask me: of course he is times better than a Joker, but, quite frankly, one has to hope we have not seen the last of Doomsday! One thing has not changed in DC films, since the Reeve & John Williams days: they lack serious threats to fight! Must be the real Superman Curse; an extended DC Curse now? Maybe the CCO has a solution for this, too…? Not holding my breath though!


(Alas, it does not seem that it will ever include crossovers between the TV fare and the movies: and so somewhat interesting adversaries, rife with potential, such as Killer Frost and Deathstorm, below, will never square off against the ”real Superman” as portrayed by Henry Cavill or Jason Momoa’s Aquaman or Ben Affleck’s Batman… Nooooo – these are TV bad guys: they have no business being on the big screen – ever! Meanwhile, we’ll recruit the broad from the Walking Dead to play Bruce Wayne’s mother shot full of holes – no problem! We’ll get TV veterans to fill up accessory roles (usually surrounding Bataflac indeed) – again, no problemo! Or friends and pet actors of the director in truly insignificant roles that have the cyber fandom abuzz for months on end; such as Jena Malone did when she could have been a number of characters but turned out to be ”Jenet Klyburn” – a character that is about as important and refreshing in the DCU as Jar Jar Binks is, due to fan reaction mostly, in the Star Wars ”U” – but I digress!!!)


One has got to believe, then, that these guys know what they are doing – after the Malone Affair (when she could have been the DKR Robin, Batgirl, Oracle, whatever… she was just Jenet. An homage to Jenette Kahn, was it? Don’t answer that. At least she wasn’t Killer Frost – on TV! What a waste of a good actress right there; verily, she should have been QUEEN OF THE SEAS! But I’m digressing once more.) so, yes, it may be difficult to trust DC at this point in time… Then again, the CCO does have a proven track record now – does he not? Indeed, pulling all the creative strings is Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns: he who revitalized the fates and reps of so many of these characters (Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern and Arthur Curry’s Aquaman, to name but two) and so he should, logically, be the one to properly translate them *all* onto ”silver screen” success at long last – right? Right…


May the… Justice be served, then?

(Not as catchy as ”may the Force be with them” – but then few things can be!)

Images: trademark & copyright DC Entertainment

Christmas: Past, Present, Future

There are always THREE…

”Tryptic Theory” – as an old mentor of mine would say…

And, now, more than ever before…

I feel the need to look at it from all three angles indeed.

Yes, it’s Christmas Time – again.

And what have we done… really?

Have we changed the world – lately?

Do we feed the world?

Does the whole world feel ”Christmassy” – whatever that may really be?

Is it our duty to help them feel that way?

Is it incumbent upon each and every one of us to make them feel it – let them know it?

And how many of us will want that to be the case…?

Most of us feel Scrooged – all year through.

Most of us are Scroogey – and not in a ducky way.

In today’s world, it is all fast… individualistic… and furiously shallow.

But then it is not all that new:

my great-grandfather used to say, and with good reason to,

”do none any harm – but don’t do them any good either”

For he was repaid with evil when he did do some good.

Maybe one such dire experience should not stigmatize for all time to come.

Then again… Fooled me once, shame on you.

Fooled me twice… you know the rest.

Band Aid, USA F.A. and all other such efforts

probably had the most appropriate idea on this, from the get-go:


But let it be from as far away as possible.

If the fellow is on another continent, even better!

Beware of those pyramidal scams, ponzi schemes and the works though!

But you already do – all year through,

I am certain none of you will let their guard down

just because it’s ”Christmas Time” once again…

And so…

Ahem… Thing is… The war? It hasn’t even really started yet!
(You cannot count this cold war pastiche as the real deal)
But it will… Maybe really, really soon too… In 2017, maybe…?
But that’s another story…
In the meantime, let’s keep on hoping ”it’s a good one” – yes…

Yes we are – 7.4 BILLION ”STRONG” now…

I gather they still do not.It is nice to dream…

Ah… These two are reunited to sing this now – on a stage in the Great Beyond.

… with these guys, maybe?


The Bells are ringing out… or are they tolling for…?
Oh – let’s call the whole thing off – just LET IT SNOW.

+++Sempre Por O Melhor +++

Luminous New Year Wishes

2015 has gone by the wayside; 

2016 is here, now 

– at long last!


Celebrate it.



Feliz Ano Novo!
Chestito Nova Godina! 
Buon Ano! 
And these are my wishes 
-most appropriate wishes-
-most luminous wishes- 
for everyone
for 2016
and beyond…
للاجئين: موضع ترحيب وتكون جيدة
чтобы сыны большевиков – 
Смотрите вины Марии
aos meus irmãos da Lusitânia: 
prosperidade, esperança, fé
κρατήσει λέει όχι
catalans – simplement fes-ho!
הישאר חזק
groen, geen agenten oranje
никога не се отказвай
lede ved eksempel
ipakita sa mundo kung ano 
ang pag-ibig ay
դադարեցնել մտածում 
deila fegurð þinni
eine Kraft für das Gute sein
ispirare il mondo
rozprzestrzeniać miłość
daha kötü durumu lezzetleri
slavic spôsob života pre dobro
focuser plus sur la pureté 
et moins sur la laine pure 
tradiții, bunătate și dragoste
гордост и достигнување
Nauti elämästä
ਸਦਾ ਸੱਭਿਆਚਾਰਕ ਧਨ
szépség és a finomabb 
dolgok az életben
ekipa najprej
and hurt not their fellow man 

– woman and child! 

Que l’année 2016 

soit infiniment meilleure 

que la précédente – 

et ce, à tous les points de vue: 

écologiques, économiques, 

au niveau social, 

religieux et politique; 

autant dans le quotidien 

que lorsqu’il se portera 

garant de l’avenir…

E que todas as trevas 

se afastam de nossos céus – 

que o ódio desapareça 

e que so fico o Amor – 

o Amor Divino! 


Dream Finale…?

It’s the final game of the season…   April the 11th, 2015…

The captain of the team, Zdeno Chara, is playing on, even though he’s hurting all over (…)

The team has under-performed throughout the season, dating back to last year’s playoffs even, plagued by all sorts of injuries, too. But they battle on, even as they teeter on the edge of the abyss: and an abysmal non-playoff qualifying year appears to be more than a very plausible end to it all, at this time…

They learn that their rivals for those last two playoff berths are doing well: better than they presently are. And to think that, a mere few days prior, they sat comfortably atop both of them in the standings, having all but clinched that first ”wild card” spot already…

But that is the thing: it was all but officially clinched.  Ottawa made a push, so improbable and so impressive though it was, that they leapt ahead and past the Bruins, and they overtook that spot, relegating our B’s to the situation they were in then: to fight until the last puck drop for the very last berth, the second wild card.

The fight was on: and it was with old rivals Pittsburgh Penguins that it would take place.  The final game of the season would decide it all: the luck of the draw had the Pens play the lowly Sabres in Buffalo – an easy task if there ever was one.

Meanwhile, the Boston Bruins, the best team in the East just one year prior -the certifiable Beast of the East- had to match up with newly-confirmed juggernaut Tampa Bay. The Bruins had won 2 out of 3 games against the Lightning; however, the Lightning had also been coming on strong towards the end of the season, which was good in and by itself for it was all done in their attempt to disallow the atrocity of seeing the Montreal Canadiens finish atop the division – which is an abomination sans nom right there! The Lightning hates the Canadiens even more than the Bruins do, this season: for the simple reason that the Hateful Habs halted their playoff push so very prematurely last year, too, when the Lightning’s top goalie was out with an injury himself… The Habs had swept the Lightning, i fact: ever since, much like the Boston Bruins of 2008-2009, the Lightning was merciless towards the Canadiens, not giving them an inch and having won every single game against them afterwards. That non-meritorious sweep was to be avenged – and it would be, just the Bruins had done to the Canadiens in 2009, the Habs’ centennial, sweeping them in four straight in the first round – so the Lightning would do to the Habs in 2015, in the second round.

But back to THAT GAME… Bruins vs Lightning, with the Bostonians’ dreams of playing for the cup again on the line…

The Boston Bruins did not hold their fate in their own hands – and they knew it very well. They were dependent upon the Sabres -of all teams- to make it into the playoffs. In order for them to squeeze in, the Buffalo Sabres (a lowly team, bottom-of-the-standings dwellers, comprising several former Habs such as Gionta and Gorges) had to find a way to defeat the Penguins simultaneously while the Bruins did their part by defeating the Lightning. What did the Sabres do? They didn’t hold their end of this. They dropped the ball – or the puck, in their own net. They lost to the Pens, who were, themselves, playing for their playoffs lives, let’s not forget that!

Learning of this as they still played in Tampa – trailing the Lightning by one goal, on top of that – what did the Boston Bruins do?

They dig deep into their resources and tied the game nonetheless.

The game went into overtime… and then a shootout. They lost the game only then – on one shot, one lucky bounce, during a shootout; as it had happened too many times during the course of this season to forget as it is… Once again, Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, Loui Eriksson, David Krejci (even at 50%…) – they all gave it their all, to the very last…

Even if the season was already over.

Those are the Boston Bruins. Those are the true champions I know and have known since the days of Rick Middleton… Cam Neely… Dave Reid… Randy Burridge… Steve Kasper… Craig Janney… Bob Joyce… Vladimir Ruzicka… Bobby Orr and Ray Bourque, of course!

The dream ended valiantly, this year – as it does every year: win or lose, they fight until the end.

It was just that much obvious in defeat, this time around, than it was, say, in 2011 when the cup was won – at last… Or in 2013, when the cup was stolen from us, by a mini-Chicago blitz in game 6…

Boston will be back.
The Bruins will rise again.
The dream continues…


It makes one want to blurt out -quite loudly too- a ”Chrome” each time it does something you don’t appreciate (which is quite often) – in the same way Conan The Barbarian would invoke his (bogus-fake-mythological) god ”Crom” all the time, when faced with something insufferable all right…

”IT” in this case is indeed Chrome – the browser set up as a mimicker of life on the web by the powerful, nearly-omniscient Google.

And IT truly does have a life of its own, as IT has the power to decide just how many kilobytes of memory IT will take per process… IT decides what will be saved and what will not be recuperable when one has, for example, opened three windows with any number of tabs on each; when one is forced to kill each process (aye, usually it is one by one) because one’s computer has become practically inoperable over such a short span of time… IT offers to restore what IT wants, basically; everything else you might have opened is gone once you’ve had to reboot urgently!

CHROME!  Indeed…

I have had the misfortune of hearing much worse, over the years: aye, my ears have been hurt routinely with actual swear words, both sacrilegious as simply offending in both taste and style. Swearing that rivals with the most grotesque crudeness anyone can ever conceive of, verily! Things such as ”corail de corail” and ”cara de carrasco” are only rudimentarily funny takes on the real deals,,,

So, believe you me, it is no big deal -no biggie at all- if one takes to making ”Chrome” one such word…!

Or take-off on such a word…

Comments, criticism and plain-old complaints made Google move on the question regarding PDF files and Google Docs – and why the two had not been made compatible yet. Hence, with that as evidence that the G-Men (and women; nerds by any other name, though, all genders well-mingled) need some stimulus in order to produce results…

This sort of thing might just be what the Chrome web browser needs in order for it improve…

Sorry, I meant to ”say” (type) ”that CHROME of a CHROME of a web browser there… ARGH!”


Now these are the ”Rangers in the Cup Finals” I remember…!

Thoroughly trounced and trampled upon by the powerful Boston Bruins led by Bobby Orr, Gerry Cheevers, Johnny Bucyk, Freddy Stanfield and Phil Esposito!

And yet, as joyful as that sight still is, on the 1972 footage, I still feel for Jean Ratelle, on the losing end…!

I will remember to feel the same for Martin St-Louis when his Rangers get trampled upon by the Kings this year – indubitably!


Now, note that this NESN article -which follows- was worded in May 2011: the Boston Bruins had not yet begun their Stanley Cup Finals series against the Vancouver Canucks – and we all know how that one ended!  It has been not quite yet three years since the Boston Bruins last won the Stanley Cup, actually! But, back in May 2011, it had been a longer wait…

It’s been 39 years since the Bruins last won a Stanley Cup, but they are now only four wins away from doing so this season. While Bobby Orr‘s memorable Stanley Cup game-winner in 1970 may be the lasting image of his career, he also helped lead the B’s to their ’72 Cup win, alongside Johnny Bucyk, Gerry Cheevers and others.

The Bruins defeated the New York Rangers that year in six games, their second Stanley Cup Final win over the Rangers in franchise history. The other Cup win over the Rangers came in 1929, which marked the first championship in team history.

Orr won his second Conn Smythe Trophy for the 1972 playoffs, after registering four goals and four assists in the Stanley Cup Final, including the series-winning goal. Goaltender Gerry Cheevers shutout the Rangers in Game 6, 3-0, at Madison Square Garden.

Check out the video above…

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An important reminder – for there is need for this… Indubitably! 

It is exactly as they say, folks: like punctuation, every single chosen word has its importance… The order in which they appear in a sentence; the intonation, if they are spoken… But the punctuation is even more primordial, if it is to be all in written indeed…

You have heard this one before, haven’t you:

An English professor wrote the words, “Woman without her man is nothing” on the blackboard and directed his students to punctuate it correctly.

The men wrote: “Woman, without her man, is nothing.”

The women wrote: “Woman: Without her, man is nothing.”

Genders have something to say about it, too, evidently…

But that is not the point right now…!

For, generally-speaking, the persuasion is intuitive and the proper punctuation is applied, without much dwelling upon it, by anyone really – in the above example, whether it is urban legend or not, guys and gals applied it very much on instinct, that gut-feeling that makes you lean towards one way rather than another…  In most cases, throughout the blogsphere and social media as well as in everyday life, that ”gut-feeling” reigns supreme – maybe too much so. Alas, it somehow leans the way of ”less is more” -perhaps because no one ever has enough time to lend to these things, deemed to be”insignificant details” by most- with disastrous results…

Another example is necessary here, just to painfully drive this point all the way across…

How about this…

A sign by the road, holding up against a fence, reads ” NO TRESPASSING VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED” – it makes you rightly feel in your right to march on, then… no? There’s nothing to fear! Alas, no… The all-important period was missing there: after ”trespassing” of course… (Heck, go with the exclamation mark!)

More examples where that came from – here, here and here.

Punctuation must not be forgotten, folks – remember it or be condemned to be misread every single time out!  A message from your friendly blogsophere neighbor… Luminous Luciano!

(I’m equally passionate about the suspension points…)


+++ Sempre Por O Melhor +++