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We Wish You… A Luminous Year!

… as seen on Twitter, Facebook and Beyond!
the lithesome, the luggerly, 
the legitimate, 
the lampooned, the lethargic, 
the leptorrhinian, 
the loons, the locos, the leal, 
the leaders, the led, the led-on; 
to all the leprechauns, 
the leeches, the lupine, 
the literati, the lordly, 
the longanimous, 
the lordless, the litigious, 
the licentious, 
the liberal, the libidinous, 
the liquifiable, 
the liquescent, the liquified, 
the lincolnesque, 
the lovely, the lovelorn, 
the lionhearted,   
the lucky, the let-down, 
the limpid,  
the loggerheaded, 
the lordotic, the lonesome, 
and even the lucifugal, 
the loathsome, the livid, 
and the lecherous – 
the lascivious… the lubricious! 
to the laboring, 
the lacklustre, the lazy, 
the lovable, the louche, 
the loquacious, 
the lucullan, the lumbering, 
the lowbrowed, 
the laconic, 
the lugubrious, the ludicrous, 
the languid, 
the lackadaisical, the lunatic, 
the laudable, 
the lawless, the laughable, 
the larghissimo, 
the lawful, the laputan, 
the laureate, 
the lentiginose, the lamblike, 
the leonardesque, 
the leery, the lenient,  
the little, the long, the light, 
the lissome, the lumbering, 
the lyrical, 
the luckless, the loveless,  
the longsighted, 
the lowset, the loyal, the loud, 
the lamentable, the lilliputian, 
the luxuriant, 
the lachrymose, 
the lusterless, the luculent! 
to the loving, 
the light-hearted, 
the luminous! 


(as originally really seen on *luminous writings*)




Christmas: Past, Present, Future

There are always THREE…

”Tryptic Theory” – as an old mentor of mine would say…

And, now, more than ever before…

I feel the need to look at it from all three angles indeed.

Yes, it’s Christmas Time – again.

And what have we done… really?

Have we changed the world – lately?

Do we feed the world?

Does the whole world feel ”Christmassy” – whatever that may really be?

Is it our duty to help them feel that way?

Is it incumbent upon each and every one of us to make them feel it – let them know it?

And how many of us will want that to be the case…?

Most of us feel Scrooged – all year through.

Most of us are Scroogey – and not in a ducky way.

In today’s world, it is all fast… individualistic… and furiously shallow.

But then it is not all that new:

my great-grandfather used to say, and with good reason to,

”do none any harm – but don’t do them any good either”

For he was repaid with evil when he did do some good.

Maybe one such dire experience should not stigmatize for all time to come.

Then again… Fooled me once, shame on you.

Fooled me twice… you know the rest.

Band Aid, USA F.A. and all other such efforts

probably had the most appropriate idea on this, from the get-go:


But let it be from as far away as possible.

If the fellow is on another continent, even better!

Beware of those pyramidal scams, ponzi schemes and the works though!

But you already do – all year through,

I am certain none of you will let their guard down

just because it’s ”Christmas Time” once again…

And so…

Ahem… Thing is… The war? It hasn’t even really started yet!
(You cannot count this cold war pastiche as the real deal)
But it will… Maybe really, really soon too… In 2017, maybe…?
But that’s another story…
In the meantime, let’s keep on hoping ”it’s a good one” – yes…

Yes we are – 7.4 BILLION ”STRONG” now…

I gather they still do not.It is nice to dream…

Ah… These two are reunited to sing this now – on a stage in the Great Beyond.

… with these guys, maybe?


The Bells are ringing out… or are they tolling for…?
Oh – let’s call the whole thing off – just LET IT SNOW.

+++Sempre Por O Melhor +++

Luminous New Year Wishes

2015 has gone by the wayside; 

2016 is here, now 

– at long last!


Celebrate it.



Feliz Ano Novo!
Chestito Nova Godina! 
Buon Ano! 
And these are my wishes 
-most appropriate wishes-
-most luminous wishes- 
for everyone
for 2016
and beyond…
للاجئين: موضع ترحيب وتكون جيدة
чтобы сыны большевиков – 
Смотрите вины Марии
aos meus irmãos da Lusitânia: 
prosperidade, esperança, fé
κρατήσει λέει όχι
catalans – simplement fes-ho!
הישאר חזק
groen, geen agenten oranje
никога не се отказвай
lede ved eksempel
ipakita sa mundo kung ano 
ang pag-ibig ay
դադարեցնել մտածում 
deila fegurð þinni
eine Kraft für das Gute sein
ispirare il mondo
rozprzestrzeniać miłość
daha kötü durumu lezzetleri
slavic spôsob života pre dobro
focuser plus sur la pureté 
et moins sur la laine pure 
tradiții, bunătate și dragoste
гордост и достигнување
Nauti elämästä
ਸਦਾ ਸੱਭਿਆਚਾਰਕ ਧਨ
szépség és a finomabb 
dolgok az életben
ekipa najprej
and hurt not their fellow man 

– woman and child! 

Que l’année 2016 

soit infiniment meilleure 

que la précédente – 

et ce, à tous les points de vue: 

écologiques, économiques, 

au niveau social, 

religieux et politique; 

autant dans le quotidien 

que lorsqu’il se portera 

garant de l’avenir…

E que todas as trevas 

se afastam de nossos céus – 

que o ódio desapareça 

e que so fico o Amor – 

o Amor Divino! 


Now these are the ”Rangers in the Cup Finals” I remember…!

Thoroughly trounced and trampled upon by the powerful Boston Bruins led by Bobby Orr, Gerry Cheevers, Johnny Bucyk, Freddy Stanfield and Phil Esposito!

And yet, as joyful as that sight still is, on the 1972 footage, I still feel for Jean Ratelle, on the losing end…!

I will remember to feel the same for Martin St-Louis when his Rangers get trampled upon by the Kings this year – indubitably!


Now, note that this NESN article -which follows- was worded in May 2011: the Boston Bruins had not yet begun their Stanley Cup Finals series against the Vancouver Canucks – and we all know how that one ended!  It has been not quite yet three years since the Boston Bruins last won the Stanley Cup, actually! But, back in May 2011, it had been a longer wait…

It’s been 39 years since the Bruins last won a Stanley Cup, but they are now only four wins away from doing so this season. While Bobby Orr‘s memorable Stanley Cup game-winner in 1970 may be the lasting image of his career, he also helped lead the B’s to their ’72 Cup win, alongside Johnny Bucyk, Gerry Cheevers and others.

The Bruins defeated the New York Rangers that year in six games, their second Stanley Cup Final win over the Rangers in franchise history. The other Cup win over the Rangers came in 1929, which marked the first championship in team history.

Orr won his second Conn Smythe Trophy for the 1972 playoffs, after registering four goals and four assists in the Stanley Cup Final, including the series-winning goal. Goaltender Gerry Cheevers shutout the Rangers in Game 6, 3-0, at Madison Square Garden.

Check out the video above…

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What a few tweaks, here and there, can do to enhance the value of some beat-up old piece of real estate… eh? (As William would say…!)

[ooyala code=”dybXQybjrccrPOafmofOiRcua07ynZO3″ player_id=”d8f58704137d45e392883052ae837773″]

BOCA RATON, Fla. — A Boca Raton mansion, with a “Star Trek”-themed room complete with a replica of the the Starship Enterprise bridge, is now on the market for $35 million.

The home, owned by venture capitalist Marc Bell, also has a 1,500-bottle wine cellar, full-size basketball court and a kitchen and dining room big enough to feed the Starfleet.

“(Bell) was so fascinated by the show … he bought uniforms and badges and phasers and everything. He wanted to create it as his own home,” said Adzem-Douglas of Elliman Real Estate.

Bell bought the original ears that actor Leonard Nimoy wore as Mr. Spock in the series and also has a model of the original Enterprise. But the home has more Sci-Fi memorabilia than just “Star Trek”.

Inside the mansion is “Robbie The Robot” from the 1956 thriller “Forbidden Planet” and an arcade filled with old sci-fi…

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The Horrors – Luminous

I must say: I didn’t expect so much for my b-day… Geezus… Thanx… #OhTheHorrors


The Horrors announced their fourth album today, Luminous. It’s due to be released on May 8th and the debut single, I See You is debuting tonight on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show at 7pm (GMT)
To stay upto date, listen to Radio 1’s online stream via the link below

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Natalia Orlova was in Montreal this November the 11th for a magnificent récital that reeked of nostalgia, sentiment and reverence appropriate for the month of Remembrance and the tradition of “Je Me Souviens”…
Dubbed as “the voice that will conquer your soul” she delivered on all fronts in the most veneered of all surroundings: the Notre-Dame de Montreal Basilica (that we simply dub “La Basilique” of course) in an altruistic compassionate élan for this was not only her first concert for a Canadian audience but it was also a benefit concert for the Children’s Center Mechta (mechta meaning dream.) And this just as the concert was dedicated to World War II veterans as well.
We were there and, despite the distance of our seats and the lighting being not quite favorable to that, we could take some snap shots with the old cell phone if only to illustrate this humble review; now, resolution is never close to perfection with such photography but it will give you an idea of the spectacular mise en scène that surrounded the soul-conquering voice on that magical concert evening…!

As can be read on her own website, Natalia Orlova “is a classical singer and composer from St.Petersburg, Russia” – one who is equally at ease with classical material as with more contemporary sounds, as easily demonstrated by her own compositions (which can be sampled, again, on her website.)

She graduated from the Musical College of Rimskiy-Korsakov as a classical singer and then continued her higher professional education in the Theater Arts Academy on the department of the Musical Theater.
She started to give her first solo performances when she still studied at the second grade of the Musical College. Later she got the first price at the Francophone competition as the song writer for the songs that she composed and performed in French languages. So her first international concerts started in France.
There is no doubt, her vocal range impresses more than one professional of the same field and certainly captivates all music-lover’s heart with her unique way to perform that touches the cords of the soul.
Winner of numerous competitions and festivals both in her native St. Petersburg and abroad, Natalia Orlova has collaborated with several important orchestras such as the State Academic Symphonic Orchestra, The Admiralty orchestra, The Orchestra of the Radio and Television, the orchestra “Peter the Great”, etc…besides that, she also loves to often get involved and participate in charity projects…
Natalia Orlova can employ almost every vocal genres like classical operatic arias, the beautiful Russian folk songs, jazz, chanson, classic romances or romantic ballads of her personal composition.

She sang one of her personal compositions on November 11th, right here:

Наталья Орлова – as her name is truly spelled in her mother tongue – has got an angelic voice indeed. Her demeanor is that of a natural diva too; the way she made her entrance was veritably flamboyant as she walked down the main aisle at the perfect pace, carefully placing each step forward, advancing towards the improvised stage, so as to set the atmosphere for the entire evening which she handled masterfully indeed.

She alternated between classical and lyrical with ease and, after each piece, rousing applause and a few floral bouquets were only fitting as well as entirely required – for the souls of the audience had indeed been conquered by that time!

The lights illuminating the Basilique were alternating between colors most befitting of each piece and it all added to the magical atmosphere already permeating the august walls. With the aid of five local musicians (including the Basilica’s own organ player) Natalia Orlova truly enchanted her audience. The piano, guitar, balalaica and violin only accentuated that enchantment – all instruments perfectly mastered by their respective musician, each so honored to be a part of the event.

So many memorable renditions and pieces: from Novikov’s Nightingales to Zubov’s “Don’t Go Away” – from McCrae’s “In Flanders’ Field” to Schubert’s classical aria “Ave Maria”…! And her own creation too: Natalia Orlova’s own “Birch Tree” – do sample that one in particular on her website, you will be enchanted!

Her singing, heartfelt commentary between two songs and the all-around aura about her tell of a diva different from other divas: one who believes in God sincerely, knows it is a great Gift from Him that she received to be so musically gifted and one who realizes that she has the role, in effect, to bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth with this talent for music.

Her special care and attention to focus upon the souls of the departed soldiers, right from the onset of the concert, was especially touching as much as it was à propos for us here on the TLB Prime Network – even more so, we could say, than her nice gesture to include her magnificent rendition of “ô Canada” as her finale for the evening! Verily, it was another admirable gesture on her part.

Oui, Je me souviendrai toujours… du concert “Je Me Souviens… From Russia With Love” de la DIVA de St-Pétersburg, Natalia Orlova!

Make sure that you click on each and every picture for a few extras both about the concert as from the diva herself. Spaciba!

1910 – back when women kicked major @$$…! How things change in a 100 years, eh…

Aye – twas a fine evening of refinement at the theater; the famed théãtre du Rideau Vert, to be more specific. An evening of fine art.
Or rather an afternoon – not an evening at all, because the dernière (opposite of premiere) of the play was at 4pm – Eastern Standard Time!

And the play was… bitter Gorki (boy – that is redundant! But purposefully so – so it goes!) revisited by Russian metteur en scène extraordinaire Alexandre Marine’s version of VASSA! Of course – who better than a Russian to adapt and modernize another Russian’s masterpiece? And, I must say, the old Mariner of the stage did a masterful modernized adaptation of this classic – and just in time for its 100th anniversary too! (100th anniversary – and third collaboration between him and the stage diva of the stage that stars in it!) An adaptation so innovative too, different from previous takes on it in so many ways…

Of course the entire enterprise is well-served by a cast that is as colorful Éas it is well-trained; starting with the matriarch herself, perfectly embodied by the local diva of the Canadian stage (on the Quebec side, anyhow) Sylvie Drapeau! From there, Marine found all the suitable thespians to surround her solidly and effectively: Catherine De Léan, Jean-François Casabonne, Marc Paquet, Hubert Proulx and Evelyne Brochu, to name but them.

It was not difficult to see the reason why, mid-way through this run, Sylvie Drapeau had to take a few days rest, on doctor’s orders. For it is indeed a very physical play in which virtually everyone on stage has to get physical at some point or another: dance numbers, so many elaborate choreographies worthy of a music video that have to be repeated day after day, not to mention the fight scenes and other types of physicality as well… (On two occasions, at least, the matriarch Vassa is found slamming her hands hard on the wooden table visibly made of massive oak. On another occasion, earlier in the play, she smashes a tea cup with a hammer that appears in her hands out of nowhere! She slaps her daughter-in-law, her maiden servant and her son on three different altercations. She wrestles with her lover, trying to wrangle free of his strong arms as he lifts her effortlessly – aye, I was impressed by the strength of the stocky goateed man! But that is another story… In the near finale, with all characters on stage, it looks like a battle royale as a brawl erupts and the deformed nephew is found kicking his promiscuous uncle into oblivion! ‘Tis a very violent play, I tell you; or rather Marine’s adaptation focuses on the violence more than others ever did before! But I am digressing now… Yet again…) All this to say that, most certainly, all of this extra exercise added to the already exhausting mental gesticulation of having to memorize and articulately deliver each and every line, every single time, it had to be more than enough to drain Mrs. Drapeau of all of her creative energy – for a time! At least long enough to justify “le repos forcé” and the cancellation of a handful of représentations… (More than two – as many as five, or so I heard through the grapevine…?)

I sincerely doubt that the play was delivered every bit as well as it was on October the 16th – especially on premiere night, the actors must have been still at phase one of fine tuning their roles. The characterization was only planned out at that stage – not put in use in any other context than one of a repetition. After weeks of this fine tuning process, they can only improve with each performance. On the final evening (or afternoon, yes) the best had to come out; due to both factors.

Thus I sincerely hope that they videotaped the performance that I saw live, on October 16th, with my beloved spouse. It was, verily, a fine evening of the arts – in the afternoon, granted, but everyone could have an early dinner for that fact! And an earlier Saturday night brewski for that matter – but that is another story… again!

Anniversaries All Around…

This spring of 2010 in Boston was a marquee year, it would appear…!  For it was time…

‘Twas time to remember the winning squad that paid the price, went all the way and won it all, lo, forty years ago – the Boston Bruins 1970 Cup championship team, led by Bobby Orr, that is!

The current roster of Bruins cannot wait to do exactly the same – and, quite honestly, should have done so in recent times too!  They had the best team in 2009 to do it – and were arguably robbed blind in the process of achieving their destiny (again – sic). But that is another story, for other blogs…

Let us stay focus on the magic number 40 – the 40th, as it is here… And so, the Bruins honor a 40th anniversary – and wouldn’t you know that there is ALSO a 4oth anniversary coming up in just a few short months after that – and you would never guess where it is being painfully remembered…! Extremely painfully, yes… (At least by those who knew Pierre Laporte…)

Indeed, another 40th anniversary of note is the 40th of the October Crisis – a tiny bit further up north, in Boston’s arch-rival town, Montréal!

Isn’t it just great, eh, when two of the bitterest rivals there could be are found to be celebrating an anniversary apiece – one commemorating truly the best of times and, the other, having to remember only the worst of them? Any more ironic it could not get to be…!

For Boston, it is the remembrance of a joyful event. For Montreal, it will be the exact opposite – for they will be remembering the only time they actually felt the sharp sting of oppression up there (well, those who actually do remember at all – not necessarily the majority at all, even though everybody and their cousins have the words “Je Me Souviens” inscribed on their car’s license plate – the fact is that they DO NOT remember squat! If they did, they wouldn’t have repeated so many times the same sorry mistakes, blunders and assorted misteps! But that is another story…)

Oppression being, in this specific case, having a threat and seeing the military walking the streets, imposing curfews and suspecting one and all of being part of that threat – said threat being not much of a threat at all since it was the FLQ – the sorriest excuse for a terrorist group like you’ll never see in the Middle-East, for instance… But still – they killed a man. For not much of a cause at all, they took a life.  Thus, as such, the FLQ is to be taken on the same level of fanaticism that Al Qaida is, reputedly on a much larger scale. But that is if you believe that 9/11 was perpetrated by a bunch of amateurish hijackers and not an inside job aiming at triggering a baseless war with Iraq just for the oil that was in it for the USA – but that is another story, once more…  (Hey – maybe we’ll get into it in greater detail as we commemorate that anniversary too: the 10th anniversary of the day of infamy that saw the twin towers collapse and planes crash here and there… That anniversary is indeed approaching fast too. Maybe we’ll get into that as well – just maybe…)

The October Crisis, though, was, overall, much ado about almost nothing.  Yes, a man (Pierre Laporte) was kidnapped by the FLQ and was subsequently killed. He was a target of choice, being part of the government, but he was an odd choice since he was, quite evidently, a francophone. Had the FLQ wanted to truly terrorize their targets, they would have really lived up to that definition of a terrorist group by targeting a victim that belonged to their defined enemy, that being the anglophone population. Had they kidnapped and killed an anglophone (resorting to murder after their “demands” were not met with approval by the then mostly anglo Prime Minister of Canada – another Pierre – “P.E.T.” – Pierre Elliot Trudeau) their campaign of terror would have been far more, ah, terrorizing. And their impact far more real and felt throughout their land of origin, Québec – which was their goal, supposedly.  For, had they done that, the anglophone population would have likely started leaving in droves – the brainiest not stopping at Ontario but going further south; perhaps even to Boston, eh…?  Montreal, Quebec would have been depleted – and left to the “Québécois (im)pure laine” and the zillions of immigrants that would have been necessary to replenish the system there…! As it is, with the practically inexistent impact that the FLQ and any “mouvement indépendantiste” that exists in Québec, only millions of immigrants are necessary in order to palliate to their (also) ineffective birth rate…

Boston comes out of all this in a double-win or a win-win situation, indeed: for, 40 long years ago, as they gained new fans on both sides of the border with what would be one of two NHL championships in three years, the city had not to endure a flow of unwanted immigrants from the north coming in either…!

I wonder what Bobby Orr thought of the October Crisis that followed his Cup Championship that year…?

Bobby is from Ontario, after all…!


‘Tis 10/10/10, folks!

Just like last year when we had 9/9/9… And the year before that saw us have an 8/8/8… And before that we had the magnanimous 7/7/7, of course… And the ominous 6/6/6 before that… And of course, before all that we had been prepared psychologically with the 5/5/5s through 1/1/1s…! And still, all this is not to mention that in the next two years, we will have an 11/11/11 and a 12/12/12 too (watch out for that one, folks!)

You get the idea!

These once-in-a-lifetime dates that we have been living in for the past decade are always golden occasions to verse apocalyptic on you – so why not indulge them all, apocalyptically indeed, even at the risk of becoming dangerously (and did I mention apocalyptically) redundant… hmm?

How better, I ask thee, than to indulge in music and stunning (dare I add… apocalyptically stunning too?) visuals, all merged chaotically enough on videoclips for our viewing pleasure, delight and collective fright as well?

Alas, not all appropriately apocalyptic videos are embeddable– but just enough of them (10) are and, barring any future unavailability due to the enforcing of youtube rules against copyright violations, they should still be in the near future. Apocalyptic videos such as this one:

If future apocalyptic conditions prevent the viewing of any of the videos linked above or embedded below – well, it really will not matter anymore, now will it?

Therefore, enjoy viewing – while you can!

And remember – God Is An Astronaut. So do not fret over the prospect of being blown to smithereens as in this video – so much cosmic particules that will scatter all over the universe – because, well, we will just go back to the place we came from, right? We are all made of stars, hmm?

And we will fall onto capable hands then!
At last!

(Yes – that was a jab at all of our incompetent governments – combined!)

The wrath’s gonna fall on you all right – or the sun will!

And, in the meantime, do not be afraid to go against the grain – even if they say that you’re going backwards! We’re all fading away, no matter what we do – hence, it *truly* doesn’t really matter anyway!

Do not let all that fading away into nothingness and oblivion discourage you too much, though – puh-leeeeze…!

That’s right, folks: do *not* stop believing – indubitably!