Happy B&G… in BG! You gotta love it!
Truth be told, there is at least one more Happy Bar & Grill venue in existence in Europe – no, we haven’t been there, not that one – in Spain, of all possible places… Why aren’t there any in England, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, France, Italia…? Probably because the market isn’t so sure there…? But it is so in Bulgaria, where it was founded in fact (Happy being the brainchild of a local business entrepreneur – da!)  and it is firmly established there with eight main restaurants as well as ”roadside venues” across their land, overall.

For our part, we visited the one located in the capital itself, Sofia, at 4, Sveta Nedelia Sqr.

Not much else to say about it, other than what follows: it truly is that piece of the Balkans’ answer to the USA’s Friday’s and Canada’s Nickel’s…! Read on…!

They say it isn’t fair to compare – but after all the bistros in Paris, one simply has to measure them up against those places in Eastern Europe; places like this one, in the capital of Bulgaria (a mere two-hour flight away!) And, to be honest, I prefer this: a sort of TGI Friday’s or Nickels of the Balkans! What’s NOT to love about it? Starting with the menus – menus you can actually read (!) and each and every dish is even pictured, too, so that every foreigner and visitor can have an extremely accurate idea of what he or she is ordering! Great salads – which is a must in Bulgaria, of course! Those trademarked ”Happy Potatoes” are something else: try them! The beer is great – Tuborg and company are all there, as well it should be – and the decor is just what you need to feel right at home and comfortable when gathering up with your friends. We didn’t have dessert (no room for it, that time!) but from the looks of it, we will – next time! Now, as for the service, though provided by smiling waitresses in alluring outfits, was only okay – neither too fast nor too slow. I would say that you do get your levs’ worth going there – but it isn’t extremely healthy food, evidently!

I’ll still go there again, whenever I am back in Bulgaria…!