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Imagine THAT – a cyber universe WITHOUT Microsoft!

How can it be?  Ask IBM…!  Not ME…!  Clin d'oeil

I shall remain mum about it anyway  Motus et bouche cousue 

Don’t want to tick off Windows Live Spaces peeps anymore

(than I already have in the past, that is!)  Tire la langue

I can repeat here the KEY WORDS though:

Canonical… Ubuntu… Novell… SuSE… Red Hat… Linux… and IBM, of course!

Together (and it takes all of them, apparently) they can make it happen: they can put together a PC without any Microsoft software – ever again!

Wow – so much for that monopoly, eh?

The good news is – for Microsoft I mean – that they will never again be found guilty in a court of law of trying to goad the market to come to them only, with all these unfair monopolistic practices of old…  Rejoice! No judge anywhere will EVER convict you on those counts, Microsoft! Not ever AGAIN that is!
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I would be remiss if I did not mention the key words of NOTE there, though:

UBUNTU – I am because we are – such is the meaning of that, I do believe!

That word inspired the Boston Celtics to win an incredible 82 games this past season, and become the NBA World Champions for a record 17th time!

Canonical has a more lithurgical resonance, of course…

Novell and Red Hat have their own cachet too, invoking other things…

And then there’s SuSE!  Fille   *lol*

It’s always nice to HAVE THE CHOICE – even GOD ALMIGHTY Gave us that, after all… Hence, we can only be thankful to Linux and IBM here…!