Le St-André – à Paris! Au coeur du quartier latin, ce charmant petit bistro convivial et chaleureux charmera tout le monde; grands et moyennement grands!  

Now, for this particular review, we will post do as we did for reviews 2.0 and 3.0 – post here first, proofread, and then post it on TripAdvisor as well!  Hence, perhaps this is the main frame for these reviews and we’re truly backing them up on TripAdvisor!  That will be the preferred method of this wordy pundit blogger from this moment onward anyway!

As an added feature, we had the time, for this one (et nous avons eu la présence d’esprit, aussi) to make a little video of the place – but only as we left and looked back at it…!  You will excuse us for wanting to enjoy our break, our meal, our drinks… Without any camera-handling of any kind… hmm?  The video is on YouTube and here it is, too:

And so, without further ado, the proper review…!

After a few hours of exploring Paris and its many attractions, what can be better than finding a nice little place where you can satiate that worked-up appetite with quality food at a satisfying, reasonable price? We found that place immediately at… le Saint-André! The waiter was actually outside -for whatever reason- and invited us in to check out their menu. Some will say it is another example of hawker-at-work, brow beating the cattle into their snack shacks… Me, I’ll just say… What proactive ingenuity! And so we did and found the place cozy, above all; for, as far as the menu went, it was pretty much the exact same thing as we’d seen everywhere else. There definitely is such a thing as some kind of consensus, a standardization of the menus in Paris: for each and every ”resto” or ”bistro” offers the same basic things and virtually all of them have their lunch hour special for anything between 11-to-15 euros, all-inclusive: a little entrée or a dessert, the main dish and a drink. Now, to get back to our main attraction today here, le St.-André is clearly labeled as a ”brasserie” first and foremost – just one look at it and you will notice that the bar is well-garnished and stacked with everything you may desire. But since we were there around lunchtime, and not in the evening, all we had was beer – and coffee! The food was served hot and within a reasonable delay. Whenever we needed anything else, there was someone available to get it for us – eventually! I cannot speak for the rest of our party, but *me* I was willing to go back there in the evening, on some other day, and to make exclusive use of the bar this time! It would have been really easy to find our way back there, seeing as it is practically right in front of the St. Michel metropolitain station! But we ran out of time in our short stay in Paris – and couldn’t return there, not even for a digestif. It’ll be for the next time we drop by ”la Ville-Lumière” then…!