There are always THREE…

”Tryptic Theory” – as an old mentor of mine would say…

And, now, more than ever before…

I feel the need to look at it from all three angles indeed.

Yes, it’s Christmas Time – again.

And what have we done… really?

Have we changed the world – lately?

Do we feed the world?

Does the whole world feel ”Christmassy” – whatever that may really be?

Is it our duty to help them feel that way?

Is it incumbent upon each and every one of us to make them feel it – let them know it?

And how many of us will want that to be the case…?

Most of us feel Scrooged – all year through.

Most of us are Scroogey – and not in a ducky way.

In today’s world, it is all fast… individualistic… and furiously shallow.

But then it is not all that new:

my great-grandfather used to say, and with good reason to,

”do none any harm – but don’t do them any good either”

For he was repaid with evil when he did do some good.

Maybe one such dire experience should not stigmatize for all time to come.

Then again… Fooled me once, shame on you.

Fooled me twice… you know the rest.

Band Aid, USA F.A. and all other such efforts

probably had the most appropriate idea on this, from the get-go:


But let it be from as far away as possible.

If the fellow is on another continent, even better!

Beware of those pyramidal scams, ponzi schemes and the works though!

But you already do – all year through,

I am certain none of you will let their guard down

just because it’s ”Christmas Time” once again…

And so…

Ahem… Thing is… The war? It hasn’t even really started yet!
(You cannot count this cold war pastiche as the real deal)
But it will… Maybe really, really soon too… In 2017, maybe…?
But that’s another story…
In the meantime, let’s keep on hoping ”it’s a good one” – yes…

Yes we are – 7.4 BILLION ”STRONG” now…

I gather they still do not.It is nice to dream…

Ah… These two are reunited to sing this now – on a stage in the Great Beyond.

… with these guys, maybe?


The Bells are ringing out… or are they tolling for…?
Oh – let’s call the whole thing off – just LET IT SNOW.

+++Sempre Por O Melhor +++