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It makes one want to blurt out -quite loudly too- a ”Chrome” each time it does something you don’t appreciate (which is quite often) – in the same way Conan The Barbarian would invoke his (bogus-fake-mythological) god ”Crom” all the time, when faced with something insufferable all right…

”IT” in this case is indeed Chrome – the browser set up as a mimicker of life on the web by the powerful, nearly-omniscient Google.

And IT truly does have a life of its own, as IT has the power to decide just how many kilobytes of memory IT will take per process… IT decides what will be saved and what will not be recuperable when one has, for example, opened three windows with any number of tabs on each; when one is forced to kill each process (aye, usually it is one by one) because one’s computer has become practically inoperable over such a short span of time… IT offers to restore what IT wants, basically; everything else you might have opened is gone once you’ve had to reboot urgently!

CHROME!  Indeed…

I have had the misfortune of hearing much worse, over the years: aye, my ears have been hurt routinely with actual swear words, both sacrilegious as simply offending in both taste and style. Swearing that rivals with the most grotesque crudeness anyone can ever conceive of, verily! Things such as ”corail de corail” and ”cara de carrasco” are only rudimentarily funny takes on the real deals,,,

So, believe you me, it is no big deal -no biggie at all- if one takes to making ”Chrome” one such word…!

Or take-off on such a word…

Comments, criticism and plain-old complaints made Google move on the question regarding PDF files and Google Docs – and why the two had not been made compatible yet. Hence, with that as evidence that the G-Men (and women; nerds by any other name, though, all genders well-mingled) need some stimulus in order to produce results…

This sort of thing might just be what the Chrome web browser needs in order for it improve…

Sorry, I meant to ”say” (type) ”that CHROME of a CHROME of a web browser there… ARGH!”



Now these are the ”Rangers in the Cup Finals” I remember…!

Thoroughly trounced and trampled upon by the powerful Boston Bruins led by Bobby Orr, Gerry Cheevers, Johnny Bucyk, Freddy Stanfield and Phil Esposito!

And yet, as joyful as that sight still is, on the 1972 footage, I still feel for Jean Ratelle, on the losing end…!

I will remember to feel the same for Martin St-Louis when his Rangers get trampled upon by the Kings this year – indubitably!


Now, note that this NESN article -which follows- was worded in May 2011: the Boston Bruins had not yet begun their Stanley Cup Finals series against the Vancouver Canucks – and we all know how that one ended!  It has been not quite yet three years since the Boston Bruins last won the Stanley Cup, actually! But, back in May 2011, it had been a longer wait…

It’s been 39 years since the Bruins last won a Stanley Cup, but they are now only four wins away from doing so this season. While Bobby Orr‘s memorable Stanley Cup game-winner in 1970 may be the lasting image of his career, he also helped lead the B’s to their ’72 Cup win, alongside Johnny Bucyk, Gerry Cheevers and others.

The Bruins defeated the New York Rangers that year in six games, their second Stanley Cup Final win over the Rangers in franchise history. The other Cup win over the Rangers came in 1929, which marked the first championship in team history.

Orr won his second Conn Smythe Trophy for the 1972 playoffs, after registering four goals and four assists in the Stanley Cup Final, including the series-winning goal. Goaltender Gerry Cheevers shutout the Rangers in Game 6, 3-0, at Madison Square Garden.

Check out the video above…

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An important reminder – for there is need for this… Indubitably! 

It is exactly as they say, folks: like punctuation, every single chosen word has its importance… The order in which they appear in a sentence; the intonation, if they are spoken… But the punctuation is even more primordial, if it is to be all in written indeed…

You have heard this one before, haven’t you:

An English professor wrote the words, “Woman without her man is nothing” on the blackboard and directed his students to punctuate it correctly.

The men wrote: “Woman, without her man, is nothing.”

The women wrote: “Woman: Without her, man is nothing.”

Genders have something to say about it, too, evidently…

But that is not the point right now…!

For, generally-speaking, the persuasion is intuitive and the proper punctuation is applied, without much dwelling upon it, by anyone really – in the above example, whether it is urban legend or not, guys and gals applied it very much on instinct, that gut-feeling that makes you lean towards one way rather than another…  In most cases, throughout the blogsphere and social media as well as in everyday life, that ”gut-feeling” reigns supreme – maybe too much so. Alas, it somehow leans the way of ”less is more” -perhaps because no one ever has enough time to lend to these things, deemed to be”insignificant details” by most- with disastrous results…

Another example is necessary here, just to painfully drive this point all the way across…

How about this…

A sign by the road, holding up against a fence, reads ” NO TRESPASSING VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED” – it makes you rightly feel in your right to march on, then… no? There’s nothing to fear! Alas, no… The all-important period was missing there: after ”trespassing” of course… (Heck, go with the exclamation mark!)

More examples where that came from – here, here and here.

Punctuation must not be forgotten, folks – remember it or be condemned to be misread every single time out!  A message from your friendly blogsophere neighbor… Luminous Luciano!

(I’m equally passionate about the suspension points…)


+++ Sempre Por O Melhor +++

What a few tweaks, here and there, can do to enhance the value of some beat-up old piece of real estate… eh? (As William would say…!)

[ooyala code=”dybXQybjrccrPOafmofOiRcua07ynZO3″ player_id=”d8f58704137d45e392883052ae837773″]

BOCA RATON, Fla. — A Boca Raton mansion, with a “Star Trek”-themed room complete with a replica of the the Starship Enterprise bridge, is now on the market for $35 million.

The home, owned by venture capitalist Marc Bell, also has a 1,500-bottle wine cellar, full-size basketball court and a kitchen and dining room big enough to feed the Starfleet.

“(Bell) was so fascinated by the show … he bought uniforms and badges and phasers and everything. He wanted to create it as his own home,” said Adzem-Douglas of Elliman Real Estate.

Bell bought the original ears that actor Leonard Nimoy wore as Mr. Spock in the series and also has a model of the original Enterprise. But the home has more Sci-Fi memorabilia than just “Star Trek”.

Inside the mansion is “Robbie The Robot” from the 1956 thriller “Forbidden Planet” and an arcade filled with old sci-fi…

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