Today Is Water Day

And what have ye DONE…?
But never mind that right now…
In this day and chaotic age
in which we see the most unstable weather patterns
wreaking havoc with our daily lives
in all manners aquatic
(just a quick glance at this video footage,
barely a few months-old,
from Foz De Douro, Porto in sea-loving Portugal
or, better for more telling yet,
the video from four years ago
from Madeira, Portugal (again)…)
It is very cruelly ironic
(if not exactly aquamusing)
to see in what sorry state
our overall access to
água potável 
(drinking water)
has gotten to be
– this while floods, storms
and other aquapocalypses 
are taking place left and right.
And yet, while all this is happening,
and people are drowning in droves,
so many don’t even have
a single thirst-quenching drop to drink…
Is there any crueler irony?
But it doesn’t have to be this way! 
And here is why it doesn’t:
no, it is not thanks to Spongebob Squarepants,
Aquaman and the Aquabats!
No, it isn’t thanks to
the Marines, the Navy or
Corporate America…!
And it certainly isn’t thanks to
your friendly city’s infrastructures
or AquaFina either!
It is thanks to organizations such as
and clever, awareness-raising ads
(taken out on high-profile sites
and magazines alike, such as Time)
like this one right here:
Bravo,, for doing all that you do!
And for those who are still more hooked on wine,
those who can whine in French, too,
check this back issue out:
Sempre Por O Melhor