Image   Located at the heart of everything -which is ever so interesting come summertime and Festival season- this trendy and classy place will please anyone who wants to dine in style; or simply take a much-deserved pause amidst the urban chaos that Montreal can muster any day of the week – and a hundred-fold during Festival season, to tell the truth! 

This gem of a Café is located on Peel street, truly close to everything therefore, and is but the cornerstone of the conquista (as I was joking with the staff) initiated 17 years ago already – during the 300th anniversary of the city they set up shop in. Since then, the Café Vasco Da Gama and the F Bar -among other ventures- have joined the ranks of the Ferreira brand which continues to grow and prosper, bringing the flavors and refinement of Portugal to the economical capital of the area.  They’ve expanded in every way: on top of the delights you can find on their menu (we highly recommend their grilled salmon with kalamata olives!) they offer their clientèle a chance to bring home the wines, olive oils, Piri Piri hot sauce, ”vintage canned goods” and even full dining set (or piece by piece) in the Ferreira boutique…!

Desserts are also au rendez-vous as it should be expected with a Portuguese cuisine specialist: seriously now, you cannot deprive yourself of one or several delectable pasteis de nata – I know I don’t!  😉

All in all, the Ferreira Café and F Bar are the places to be if you want something out of the ordinary and within walking distance of la Place des Arts, Cours Mont-Royal and le Quartier des Spectacles…!