Truth be told, when we signed on for a tour of La Habana, this was part of the package and so, whether we wanted to end up there or not, we would.  The overall price included a drink, a bottle of RUM per table and a coke per person! Plus each gent was offered a complimentary cigar at the entrance – I have kept mine as a sentimental keepsake and do not plan on smoking it anytime soon!

Now for the show itself: as the stage is so huge, you can easily be overwhelmed by it all (our friend RON can help in that too, admittedly) as there are girls everywhere, on three levels, the music is very nearly deafening and the spectacle dazzling to say the least. Even if it wasn’t so complicated (and somewhat costly) to take pictures of the show, it proves to be pointless as you cannot possibly do it justice and capture the entire magnitude of it on any given shot.  We didn’t even try, in fact, as our package promised us a DVD of the entire show we were going to see and even on it the full splendour of that evening is not as evident as it should be.  Truly, you have TO BE THERE in order to truly appreciate this and enjoy it at its fullest!

One word of advice though: when going to the washroom, have a peso or five handy, for tipping…!

Many thanks to our guide to the show and the city; Joel!

(No, that’s not him, below…)


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