The best from the North End of fabled Boston, Massachusetts!

When in Boston, make sure that you stop by La Galleria 33: whether you do it for lunch, brunch or dinner, you will be delighted!  We know we were…!  😉


This photo of La Galleria 33 is courtesy of TripAdvisor – or one of its reviewers, really!

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UPDATE: Oops – no, my bad – it got approved with flying colors and here it is in its entirety right now!

What a palatable delight and what an exquisite evening we spent at La Galleria 33, the last time we were in Boston! We were delighted to get a good table just by walking in and being greeted on the spot by Lisa, whom we’d gotten a glimpse of on that famous HDTV show there… Pressed by time and mainly preoccupied with the simple task of just enjoying the city of Boston, despite the cold, we elected to go to La Galleria 33 pretty much on the last minute: and we did not regret it one iota! Great soothing food, piping hot off the stove and/or freshly taken out of the oven, with a Samuel Adams on the side – what more can one ask for? The veal paradiso is aptly named, I can guarantee you! The bruschetta was satisfying too. And I can vouch for the great sense of humour and witty repartee that can be exchanged between you and the staff: I would have expected nothing less from Bostonians true and true!

I applaud the slight changes that have improved this establishment even more since their appearance on that certain TV show: but I will respectfully disagree with Gordon Ramsay when he stated that this fine place was becoming a ”restaurant of convenience” and nothing else beyond that. What he dubs convenience I call comfort – and La Galleria 33 is one of those fine comforting places where you will find comfort, traditional food at very reasonable prices. Comparing the menu now from what I’d seen in the past, I’d say they never lost their groove – they just amped it up an extra notch, perhaps due to Ramsay’s ”in your face” style, most probably…? If it is to be attributed to him, then surely the addition of brunch to La Galleria 33’s offerings certainly can be declared laudable indeed and, for that, we must be extremely thankful then!

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