It was between this one and le Louvre on that slightly cloudy day in Paris: and, quite frankly, I am glad Musée d’Orsay won out in the end! (Don’t ask why – or how!) There was a queue (it cannot be avoided) but once we got in, all the wonders awaiting us amply made up for any pent-up feeling of frustration! (We had spent quality time outside, waiting in line, at any rate: there are musicians there, selling their CDs! So… ah… no, we didn’t exactly buy any CDs this time – burnt as we have been by our supporting Cuban and Dominican musicians with extremely low-quality music production values, as far as the actual CD quality goes…! On est qui, au juste, nous: le mécénat ambulant alors?!? Il y a bien des limites à tout, Sacrebleu! Such music is best enjoyed LIVE – so we gave them some euros, on the spot!  Voilà! They can be traced, I am sure, via this service right here… They’ll be around the museum when YOU drop by, too; I am sure! As for me, I see far more interesting things outside the museum than merely that...!)

2013-04-23 15.20.54


The permanent expositions on Gauguin and Van Gogh (among many other artists; we would be remiss if we did not mention the names of Georges Rochegrosse and Edgar Degas – but there are so many here and they are only some of the many tips of the iceberg here!) are well-worth the price of admission here – evidently.  Thematic expositions complement the visit, but to see those, on top of the permanent expo, you will have to fork over extra euros – of course!  It is just too bad that we cannot take pictures of all the fine sculptures and paintings, so many treasures that belong to the PEOPLE, really; however, we bought the book ”LE MUSÉE D’ORSAY À 360 DEGRÉS” which is, practically, the entire museum’s catalogue in just about as many pages.  For an additional 25 euros (again on top of the price of admission, of course; which is as low as 9 euros for the main attractions, excluding that temporary exposition there) it is a good investment, je suppose…!  For it is like taking the entire museum with you; and having taken all the pictures you wanted, in optimal conditions too!  Each time you peruse the book, you are THERE – once more! Pardi…! And… that book makes for a great keepsake, surely!

Although pictures were formally forbidden, we managed to take a few snapshots – needless to mention!  We and a hundred other visitors…!  Those shots are to be found elsewhere on the blogosphere; but here is a sample…

2013-04-23 14.35.19