This spring of 2010 in Boston was a marquee year, it would appear…!  For it was time…

‘Twas time to remember the winning squad that paid the price, went all the way and won it all, lo, forty years ago – the Boston Bruins 1970 Cup championship team, led by Bobby Orr, that is!

The current roster of Bruins cannot wait to do exactly the same – and, quite honestly, should have done so in recent times too!  They had the best team in 2009 to do it – and were arguably robbed blind in the process of achieving their destiny (again – sic). But that is another story, for other blogs…

Let us stay focus on the magic number 40 – the 40th, as it is here… And so, the Bruins honor a 40th anniversary – and wouldn’t you know that there is ALSO a 4oth anniversary coming up in just a few short months after that – and you would never guess where it is being painfully remembered…! Extremely painfully, yes… (At least by those who knew Pierre Laporte…)

Indeed, another 40th anniversary of note is the 40th of the October Crisis – a tiny bit further up north, in Boston’s arch-rival town, Montréal!

Isn’t it just great, eh, when two of the bitterest rivals there could be are found to be celebrating an anniversary apiece – one commemorating truly the best of times and, the other, having to remember only the worst of them? Any more ironic it could not get to be…!

For Boston, it is the remembrance of a joyful event. For Montreal, it will be the exact opposite – for they will be remembering the only time they actually felt the sharp sting of oppression up there (well, those who actually do remember at all – not necessarily the majority at all, even though everybody and their cousins have the words “Je Me Souviens” inscribed on their car’s license plate – the fact is that they DO NOT remember squat! If they did, they wouldn’t have repeated so many times the same sorry mistakes, blunders and assorted misteps! But that is another story…)

Oppression being, in this specific case, having a threat and seeing the military walking the streets, imposing curfews and suspecting one and all of being part of that threat – said threat being not much of a threat at all since it was the FLQ – the sorriest excuse for a terrorist group like you’ll never see in the Middle-East, for instance… But still – they killed a man. For not much of a cause at all, they took a life.  Thus, as such, the FLQ is to be taken on the same level of fanaticism that Al Qaida is, reputedly on a much larger scale. But that is if you believe that 9/11 was perpetrated by a bunch of amateurish hijackers and not an inside job aiming at triggering a baseless war with Iraq just for the oil that was in it for the USA – but that is another story, once more…  (Hey – maybe we’ll get into it in greater detail as we commemorate that anniversary too: the 10th anniversary of the day of infamy that saw the twin towers collapse and planes crash here and there… That anniversary is indeed approaching fast too. Maybe we’ll get into that as well – just maybe…)

The October Crisis, though, was, overall, much ado about almost nothing.  Yes, a man (Pierre Laporte) was kidnapped by the FLQ and was subsequently killed. He was a target of choice, being part of the government, but he was an odd choice since he was, quite evidently, a francophone. Had the FLQ wanted to truly terrorize their targets, they would have really lived up to that definition of a terrorist group by targeting a victim that belonged to their defined enemy, that being the anglophone population. Had they kidnapped and killed an anglophone (resorting to murder after their “demands” were not met with approval by the then mostly anglo Prime Minister of Canada – another Pierre – “P.E.T.” – Pierre Elliot Trudeau) their campaign of terror would have been far more, ah, terrorizing. And their impact far more real and felt throughout their land of origin, Québec – which was their goal, supposedly.  For, had they done that, the anglophone population would have likely started leaving in droves – the brainiest not stopping at Ontario but going further south; perhaps even to Boston, eh…?  Montreal, Quebec would have been depleted – and left to the “Québécois (im)pure laine” and the zillions of immigrants that would have been necessary to replenish the system there…! As it is, with the practically inexistent impact that the FLQ and any “mouvement indépendantiste” that exists in Québec, only millions of immigrants are necessary in order to palliate to their (also) ineffective birth rate…

Boston comes out of all this in a double-win or a win-win situation, indeed: for, 40 long years ago, as they gained new fans on both sides of the border with what would be one of two NHL championships in three years, the city had not to endure a flow of unwanted immigrants from the north coming in either…!

I wonder what Bobby Orr thought of the October Crisis that followed his Cup Championship that year…?

Bobby is from Ontario, after all…!