‘Tis 10/10/10, folks!

Just like last year when we had 9/9/9… And the year before that saw us have an 8/8/8… And before that we had the magnanimous 7/7/7, of course… And the ominous 6/6/6 before that… And of course, before all that we had been prepared psychologically with the 5/5/5s through 1/1/1s…! And still, all this is not to mention that in the next two years, we will have an 11/11/11 and a 12/12/12 too (watch out for that one, folks!)

You get the idea!

These once-in-a-lifetime dates that we have been living in for the past decade are always golden occasions to verse apocalyptic on you – so why not indulge them all, apocalyptically indeed, even at the risk of becoming dangerously (and did I mention apocalyptically) redundant… hmm?

How better, I ask thee, than to indulge in music and stunning (dare I add… apocalyptically stunning too?) visuals, all merged chaotically enough on videoclips for our viewing pleasure, delight and collective fright as well?

Alas, not all appropriately apocalyptic videos are embeddable– but just enough of them (10) are and, barring any future unavailability due to the enforcing of youtube rules against copyright violations, they should still be in the near future. Apocalyptic videos such as this one:

If future apocalyptic conditions prevent the viewing of any of the videos linked above or embedded below – well, it really will not matter anymore, now will it?

Therefore, enjoy viewing – while you can!

And remember – God Is An Astronaut. So do not fret over the prospect of being blown to smithereens as in this video – so much cosmic particules that will scatter all over the universe – because, well, we will just go back to the place we came from, right? We are all made of stars, hmm?

And we will fall onto capable hands then!
At last!

(Yes – that was a jab at all of our incompetent governments – combined!)

The wrath’s gonna fall on you all right – or the sun will!

And, in the meantime, do not be afraid to go against the grain – even if they say that you’re going backwards! We’re all fading away, no matter what we do – hence, it *truly* doesn’t really matter anyway!

Do not let all that fading away into nothingness and oblivion discourage you too much, though – puh-leeeeze…!

That’s right, folks: do *not* stop believing – indubitably!