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Gee… is it just me or is msn space unnecessarily glitzy, complicated-looking and all-around… bizarre, so bizarre?!?

*LOL*       But I digress, yes…

Blogging about some news item found on msn.com is not fun anymore –

as it does not come over HERE with the tiny pic and headline automatically

– or so it appeared to be the case now, the last few times I tried it anyway…!

Thanks a lot, Bill!  Now go fight AIDS or something – on your Don Quixotian trip!

Altruistic publicity campaign, that’s what it is…  BUY WINDOWS – WE CARE MORE!



And as for Nicole Ritchie’s feelings… Hello?  Is it Lionel you’re looking for?

Get it… one of his hits… PAPA, not any PAPARAZZO off the street now…!

(Too bad we didn’t get a pic here – Nicole R in tears, the big mean Paparazzo snapping pictures away…!

Okay – enough of that now!)


Paparazzi are entitled to hurt pampered rich & famous airheads in my estimation –

what they are NOT allowed to do is chase them until they DIE in a car crash!

Nuff said.