iDivertissement – Madonna et la provocation

Depuis ses débuts, Madonna s’est démarquée en usant de l’art de la provocation. Voyez la madonne choquer, encore et encore.



Oh yes – unquestionably – SHE LIKES TO PROVOKE!  However she makes a whole lot of sense sometimes… there are quite a few things that she said over the years in interviews that resonated with even MOI – I will not quote ad verbatim but paraphrase because that is always what I do!  So – sue me, willya?  Or rather DON’T! 

She stated that she did not care if some viewed her as being "on top" as she believes that "this is all (an) illusion"

She furthered that by stating that, though "it is not easy to say those things", she admits that "success, fame, fortune, beauty DO NOT bring happiness"

I must interject here and state my own "opin" that YOU, Veronica Electronica or Esther or whichever name you prefer now, do not have beauty as much as you have SEX APPEAL.  Beauty I see in dames such as Cindy Sheehan, Lady Di, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, that actress turned nun who kissed Elvis in her short-lived cinematic career… whatshername again… damn, forgot!  It’ll come back to me…  I see beauty in Sister Lucia and Mother Teresa too!  And 1001 other "ordinary women" yes!  I see beauty in women who do good… without provoking so much!

And if they provoke, it is the status quo and passivity of society in order to make things CHANGE… FOR THE BETTER!

If only you were more like that – and became sort of a "madonna of kabbalah" in the process!

Whoo-oh… what blasphemy there!  *LOL*

But I digress…

She also once said, in re: provoking – "I have this strange and unexplainable drive to".  Hmm… I’ve my theories on the WHY of that strangeness!    Thinking

Another thing that I liked to hear her say was that people have trouble seeing a "whole being" there – complete with both a good side and a dark one, or a wild streak as it may be…  Then again, she said that after inferring that she was an "icon".  You’re the biggest star of them all at what you do, sure – but stars such as you are ephemeral!  Thought you’d said so yourself…!  

And I will admit that she was cute when she said "I will not stop… I will not shut up" – cute in an irreprehensible childish way!     Eye-rolling

Likewise, she does like Édith Piaf and vows not to regret anything she’s ever done…  I thought you were only into mimicking blonde legends such as Marilyn!?  And Piaf’s nemesis, Line Renaud!  (Well, she was that in Piaf’s mind anyway…! But that is another story!)  Anyhow…  admitting "I made a mistake"  (and the clip showing in the montage of interviews I saw here when you were saying these words was that of you and Britney locking lips!) and *regretting it* should go hand in hand…  Your dichotomy of those two things is inexplicable to my eyes, Ciccone girl…  I will state though that the mistakes that you should regret are those that you committed in your private life, not so much on mock shows of misplaced affection on stage…

And then there is the NAME… the stage name, granted…

"Madonna" – the name still bothers me after aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall these years…  You sure can provoke TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT REACTIONS ALL AT ONCE IN YOUR AUDIENCE!

I’d summarize it like this:  my peeps hate to love you… but they sure do get mesmerized by you!