eTalk’s top ten falling stars

As a counter to Barbara Walters’ 10 most fascinating people of 2005, eTalk brings you the 10 stars from 2005 that we’re ready to forget about.


Surprisingly the top two names on that list were whatshername pictured here (…) who figures to be reigning as the current TV primetime queen… maybe not after all, eh?

And, as the number one least fascinating: a couple…

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  Hmm… but their story has not even begun yet…?!?


Oh well…  


The rest of the top ten included, in no particular order: Pamela (…), J-Lo (…) and her new hubby (whatsisname again?), Prince William (boooooring… right?) and Nick (…).

Who’s Nick, you ask?  

Nick Lachey – the ex-Mr. Jessica Simpson!

Maybe they are right in predicting an entry into "has-been land" for him…