Ok… mostly the don’ts!
DON’T be overtly critical, rude or demeaning – not without a lot of humor you don’t!
DON’T be skeptical – you don’t know everything!
DON’T be intolerant – annoying people are people too!
DON’T blame your country – blame the entire modern society that we have today!
DON’T use foul language – be creative; invent your own innocuous brand! An example (to get you started): "Yogurt Off, you piece of tofu!" *LOL*
DON’T allow yourself to fall into the depths of despair – rather, immerse yourself in the abyss of careless contentment! You may remain stuck in a rut – but you will be goofily happy about it the whole while through! Surely THAT is preferable to… ah… gloom and doom 24/7 – eh?
DON’T hate the sinner – he’s a ninny, he knows no better! Despise with all the resentment you can muster his sin though – lawsuits are optional!
DON’T adopt either the "if you can’t beat them, join them" unhealthy attitude – or the "if you can’t beat them fair and square, win at all costs" insane "mad-ttitude"! The former is just plain unadvisable (and borderline faustian to boot) and the latter is the most unproductive of all – leading to kamikaze actions, quick exits from this world and thus non-existence in a hurry… If, on this day, you can’t beat them in any way – fall back… retreat… and mount a sneak attack when they least expect it! You’ll see them forfeit in no time at all! 🙂
DON’T let my luminous advice go unheeded now! *lol* And…
DON’T disagree with the author of this blog if you comment and wish to see your comments published! *LOL* (The dictator emoticon in my NeoBoard is definitely influencing me today…!!!).
All in good fun, folks! 🙂 Blessings!
*Courtesy of The Luminous Blog!
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