Embrace every event in your life -good or bad- with that same youthful optimism you displayed when you were a child; you instinctively knew back then that it was a mere interlude, and that, sooner than later, the good fun times would be rolling again…
Don’t think of what could have been – reflect with that warm fuzzy feeling on what was.
Stop yourself to think about those that are in worse shape than you are when you feel overwhelmed with anger and frustration.
Some good deeds are not as pleasant to do as others are – do them anyway…
Bliss is around every corner – one has but to dare look for it and not turn away.
Nobody notices you – until you light up their day with a friendly smile.
Everyone wants unconditional acceptance – then why do so few of us give it, even to those we know…?
Do the best you can – and may the best win.  It all cancels each other out and you are left satisfied that you did what you could!
Ever noticed how happy and fulfilled one feels after a hug?  Then pass it on – hug people!
Look at the birds and the squirrels – they have not much yet they sing and they jump around merrily.  Feel free to emulate them.
Thank the heavens above for each new day you are given – and make some noise to celebrate it!
Make sure each day to set aside two seconds during which you will think of nothing else but being happy.
Yes – you may extend it to ten seconds… twenty… thirty… two minutes… but no more!  There’s work to do to get there…!
Don’t dwell too much on what you did wrong – flaunt what you did right!
If all else fails, get yourself some good eagle-eyed legal representation – they’ll spot your good qualities for you – for a fee!
Don’t bother merely meeting a deadline – beat the tar out of it!
Write down the details of your dreams; one never knows, maybe the winning numbers are in there somewhere…
Jot down any good idea you ever have on the spot, for you risk only two things in doing so – the idea will stink upon reading it or it will be a great idea for anybody anywhere… but you. Recycle it then. Pass it on. Whatever you do – don’t forget it!
Nothing is ever as bad as you think it is – you are only prone to overdramatize things after too many episodes of CSI in your system.
Exaggeration is the true sincerest form of flattery -not imitation- for two reasons; it is more creative and much more flattering!