To live long is to ceaselessly yearn
for the "good ole days" – the traditional ways
to hear again whatever folly grandma says
Once nostalgia sets in – it never sways
You will fondly remember always.
To live is to make mistakes
And to try and mend them if we do care
and if we still fail in our wake
we can hope someone will come who will dare
sons and daughters can pick up the mantle
we have but to pass them the torch
hopefully our work they will not dismantle
and of ours they do not just covet the Porsche!
To live is to die progressively
as we improve, paradoxically
To die… is to find serenity
to concatenate at last all of our complexity
in Heaven – before Our Maker
the Lord God Creator
Copyright ©2005 Luciano  Pimentel   A.R.R.
Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™