Quite obviously, terrorism knows how to bide its time, get around "ever-vigilance"… and strike where it might justify a campaign against it to linger on and on and on and on…  The London bombings come exactly at a time and in a place where they will spur on the population to support their political leaders’ ill-advised decisions – shades of New York, the eleventh day of September, 2001. Bush needed a really good (almost made a "goof" typo – how appropriate when Bush is mentioned) and solid reason to go into the Middle-East to secure all that precious oil – and he got it when the terrorists somehow struck a major coup where they had always wanted to.
Likewise now, Blair is justified in continuing to send troops – hey, the mean bad guys struck home, somehow getting past all the increased security measures… multiple times too.  One or two bombs – but more than that?  What were the odds of so many security aides falling asleep/overlooking minute but very suspicious details in such near-perfect symmetry and synchronism…?
Blair & Bush – or, as I call them, one half of the political group – the Beagles!  They need a Ringo… and a Paul too.  Tony is a sorry replacement for John; andof course this George is no match for the real George – My Sweet Lord, no – no match at all!  B & B, thus, the bumbling fool and the braggart (for they are not the brave & the bold – surely not!) are now *truly* united in tragedy – and in a common crusade mentality that will surely kill millions now…  Tis a saga that progresses at a turtle’s pace, verily – however, with such a campaign, waging war on the abstract as the war on Terror is, it truly could only be this way!
Always interesting to see others share one’s opinion – such as The Simon does…  http://www.thesimon.com/magazine/articles/canon_fodder/0889_what_behind_london_attacks.html#What’s%20Behind%20the%20London%20Attacks?">The
Well – Simon says… and Luminous Luciano says – that this was all just too… ah… "convenient" – alas.  The loss of life is very real – and that is beyond tragic.  Such sadness is impossible to describe by those who live through it, when it is one of their own that perishes so senselessly and so suddenly – it cannot be aptly described by one who has not even known such pain – and merely tries to imagine how it must devastate the mind, the spirit and the soul of the surviving party.  The loss and the tragedy are, thus, all too real – and it only makes it worse to know that it could have been prevented by those "in charge" – but they might have chosen not to do so.